How Do You Make Everything Old New Again?

Just because the calendar flips forward to a new year, how do you take your life or your business or a relationship and recharge it with new energy? How do you reinvigorate parts of your life that are a bit stale? What magic allows you to take what is essentially old and make it new again?

The answer starts with intention. You have to really want to make change. You have to be willing to do the work that will actually bring about new results. You must find the inner strength to know what you want and then make a plan to actually get it done. Then you have to actually follow up and do it. And when you hit roadblocks, you can’t let them stop you. You must persevere. You must continually make progress and move forward.

If this sounds exhausting, the good news is that this isn’t physical labor. And the bad news is that this is mental and emotional labor. I think most people would agree that the hardest part about getting in good shape isn’t the working out part, it is the getting to the gym part. The eating right part. The focus and follow through part.

For this article I’m only going to give one tip on how to get this done. Just one to keep it simple. No long list of things you have to do to accomplish your new year goals. And that one tip is:

Be Positive

That is my hint on how you begin to make real change in your life, business or relationships. Leave behind the stress and negativity in the last year and only bring forward an inner smile to this year. Don’t let a grumpy boss or a few extra pounds or a stale relationship be your excuse not to be positive. Decide instead on what you want, make a plan, be positive and start to go after it.

If you need help or more tips, reach out and I’ll share more ways to help you get to where you want to go. Happy new year!


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