How Do You See Opportunity?

One of the great things about being a business coach is that I get to ask lots of questions. Really what I do is ask a lot of questions. By asking questions I can start to understand what someone feels is going on in their world. By understanding what is going on with someone, I can then begin to know what they view as their critical constraints. And once their critical constraints are out in the open, then it becomes fairly easy to start to see their opportunities.

So why can it be hard for many of us to see the opportunity in our own lives and businesses? There are lots of reasons to be sure, but generally it is because we get so locked into just dealing with and living our own lives. Getting an outside perspective on ourselves can be difficult. And often it takes that outside look at ourselves to really see a clear path forward to achieving whatever our goals are in life or even just to know what our goals are.

But let’s drill down on this a bit further. I think most of us would agree that our lives are very full. We fill most of our free time with “stuff” and activities. We jump from thing to thing just trying to keep up on all the “stuff” we have going on. So, if your life feels in anyway like this, when is the time that you spend planning to achieve your personal and business goals? And I don’t mean just making a list of things you have to do for the day. I mean really spending time mapping out a plan to get your life where you want it. When do you thoroughly figure out your specific goals? When do you get advice from trusted people you know? When do you lay out an actual plan to achieve your goals? Even for the few of us that set actual goals and make the plans to achieve them, who holds you accountable and helps keep you on course?

Now to answer my opening question of “how do you see the opportunity?” You see the opportunity by prioritizing spending the time and resources to do just that. In your personal life it might be getting in better shape or spending more time with friends. In business, it might be improving customer service or reducing fixed costs. Either way, it takes positive intention. Seeing the opportunity takes creating the structure in your mind and the schedule to allow growth and achievement to happen. Yes, the answer is really that simple. It starts with you and you making it a priority. Then having a system that works and that you stick to.

I schedule time for this every morning. It’s on my daily list of “things” to do. And I’d be glad to share details on how I do this and maybe it will resonate with you. I’m happy to give you all that opportunity.


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